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 Sanitization Service

Hygienic Sanitization Service For Your Home, Office & Commercial Spaces.

Hygienic Sanitization Service

Easy Pest Control Service is a expert in providing hygienic sanitization and disinfection offerings in Delhi NCR, consisting of Gugraon and Noida. With the recent rise of instances of Covid 19, the need for sanitization and disinfection for offices, industrial areas, residences and government buildings, is at its prime.

Hygenic Sanitization Service from Easy Pest Control ensures highest quality hygiene and protection by using providing a clean, germ-free surroundings and stopping the spread of risky diseases. Our 2 level disinfection system maintains your premises safe from disease-inflicting organisms and cross-infections in an enclosed area.

Others ways to help slow the spread of viruses and bacteria include staying home when you’re sick, covering sneezes and coughs, washing your hands on a regular basis or using hand sanitizer.

Disinfecting Services for Viruses

To address this requirement, our carrier professionals undergo a rigorous education program and are given deep know-how at the disinfection manner with intense cognizance on appropriately the usage of disinfectants, sanitizing agents, clever equipment and automated equipment so as to sanitize spaces and make them healthy and safe

Our group are history checked, police tested and put on all right protective system and body safety suits, to make certain they do no longer bring alongside or are available in touch with any germs and viruses.

Since viruses have the capability to hastily transmit through air and surfaces, it is important to address both in our treatment to attain the desired results. A kind of green sanitizing agents, smart tools and advanced machinery are deployed thru a two-degree disinfection system, paying special interest to all areas and surfaces across the premise. This includes the Surface Disinfection remedy, followed with the aid of Spatial Disinfection remedy. The two-level remedy ensures no space or surface is overlooked out thereby turning in 99% germ eradication.

 Sanitization Service

Our Features And Benefits

In a time like this, wherein the unfold of deadly virus is threatening us all, we have started our disinfectant remedy in which through the modern day technology, we disinfect your own home or offices. The system of this remedy are:

  • We use high tech machines with Eco-pleasant chemicals.
  • This treatment is powerful in killing 11 styles of viruses and 54 sorts of bacteria such as human coronavirus.
  • Our team takes unique precautions and sanitizes itself earlier than and after each remedy.
  • We don't use public delivery for the nearby commute. We offer our group their very own disinfected vehicle
  • No cleansing or wiping of the sanitized surface is needed after the remedy
  • Our team makes use of the PPE (Complete tools for Personal Protective Equipment, Gloves, Mask, Shield
  • We use ultra low fogging machines to reach each corner

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