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Easy Pest Control is the best Service provider of Pest Control, Commercial Pest Control, Pest Control Services For Termite, Fumigation Pest Control, Pest Control Services For Cockroach, Pest Control Services For Mosquito and Residential Pest Control in North India. We are engaged in offering the finest quality Pest Control Service to the clients. Our offered service is highly demanded in agriculture, domestic, institutional premise, public buildings, hospitals, hotels, and restaurants. Further, our experienced experts are backed latest spraying equipment and optimum quality pesticides, which ensure elimination of pest. We offer this in timely and cost effective manner to our precious clients.   

We are requesting for an opportunity to come across and give you a presentation of our mentioned services below and the new technologies and technique's that we have introduced and the latest equipments at our disposal to ensure quick response to the client's needs

General Pest Control: This involves in spraying the entire premises and surrounding areas like-Workstation, Main Holes, Drains, Shafts, Kitchen, Store, Washroom and other common areas or interior wise etc. This service will cover pest like- Cockroaches, Flies Mosquitoes, Silverfish, Lizard Bedbug, Ants and Other deadly insects.

Cockroaches Management: Common species associated with man are German Cockroach, Oriental Cockroach and American Cockroach. They are loathsome pests, spreading filth and running food, fabric and book bindings. They also mechanically transmit pathogenic bacteria including many diseases. They regurgitate food thereby contaminating the surface on which they-Crawl. Common- Breeding sites are house drain chambers, ducts and pipes, food preparation areas and storage areas with high humidity. To control cockroaches, silverfish and ants we have apply to different types of spray chemicals, gel treatments and herbal treatments etc.

Flies Management: These flies are called house flies because of their close association with man. Flies carry many pathogens (viruses, bacteria, protozoa, helminthes eggs, etc.) and transmit diseases like cholera, conjunctivitis, Diarrhoeal diseases, etc. Important breeding sites of these flies are dung of domestic animals and birds, garbage, open sewage drains, decaying grass clipping or garden Compost. Fly control is a two pronged strategy and can be carried out by eliminating fly larvae at the source larva siding and thereby reducing the emergence of adult flies supplemented by residual treatment of resting sites. To control flies we have apply spray chemicals, dry chemicals (i.e. granules), gum board and fly catcher machines etc.

Mosquitoes Management: Mosquitoes apart from causing nuisance to mankind play a major role in the transmission of more human diseases than any other arthropods. These include malaria, filariasis, dengue/ dengue haemorrhagic fever (DHF), Japanese Encephalitis (JE), etc., causing high morbidity and mortality. Mosquitoes breeds in various types of water habitats ranging from clean water collection to organic polluted waters depending on the species. Adult males feed on nectar from plants. Female mosquitoes bite and feed on blood of humans and/or animals. Because female mosquitoes feed regularly on blood, disease causing pathogens can be transmitted from man to man (e.g. malaria parasite) via vector mosquitoes. To prevent these you need effective mosquitos’ management. To best way control them we have use the residual effective chemicals, graduals, gum board and insects killer machines respectively

Fogging Treatment: Fogging is considered as an important tool to manage the adult mosquitoes, which has the capability of spreading these diseases. Managing adult mosquitoes not only disturb the life cycle of mosquitoes by bringing down the population of those mosquitoes which has the potential to multiply.

Bedbug Management: To control of bad bugs we have do the proper vacuuming in the infested areas i.e. wooden fixtures, corners and other hidden places etc. Then we have done the spray from synthetic phytheriod chemicals to get rid of this deadly menace.

Lizard Management: We will do the spray from residual effective chemicals on the walls where lizard usually comes out for eating insect.

Rodent Control: Rats cause damage by their feeding habits running into thousand of million tones of foods and feedstuffs worldwide, but losses due to contamination are even higher. Rats transmit diseases to humans and animals by the direct route. Rats are responsible for the direct transmission of diseases due to rat-specific ectoparasites (e.g. transmission of bubonic plague by the oriental rat flea). Rats devour 16% of the food in India every year. Rats are associates with more than 200 pathogenic organisms (viruses, bacteria, fungi and arthropods). They also damage Carpets, Curtains, Furniture, Clothes, Sofa, Telephone and Electric wire.

Anti Termite Treatment (Pre & Post Construction): Termite poses the greatest threat to Interior, Designer, Builder and all Structure throughout the world. They bore galleries in wood and forage for food. In many offices structures, Damage is not only limited to timber but also to wall covering of building contents name of cellulose. Though have no food value. The termite chews these materials to reach wood allied cellulose materials. Historically, the best way to stop termite from destroying homes is by creating a chemical barrier with a termiticide in the soil, around the structure. The repellent nature of the conventional termiticide actively encourages termites to avoid the barrier and look for the gaps that are formed due to improper application shifting of treated mass, subsidence etc.

Stage-1: Treat the bottom surface and sides (up 30 cm height) of the excavations made for column pits, wall trenches and basements @ 5 Liter per square meter of surface areas.

Stage-2: Treat the refill earth on both sides of all buildup walls (approximate width 30 cm and depth 45 cm) @ 7.5 liter per square meter of vertical surface of sub structure.

Stage-3: Treat the entire leveled surface (before laying the floor) @ 5 liter per square meter. If necessary make 5cm deep rod holes, 30cm a part, to facilitate absorption.

External Treatment: Dig shovel width trenches along the external wall of the buildings exposing the foundations wall surface up to a depth of 50cm make 30 – 50 cm deep rod holes 15cm apart all along this trench @ 1.75 liter per running meter and 0.5 liter per running meter directing the spray towards the wall surface.

Chemicals: We assure you we are using only Eco-Friendly chemicals for above mentioned services which is Certified by W.H.O. & Central Insecticide Board (Govt. of India) for public health. These chemicals are provided by the some following companies which are mentioned below.

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